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A wilting mangrove forest in Car Nicobar, destroyed by the Asian Tsunami in  2004. Credit: Malini Shankar/IPS

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The 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed nearly 230,000 people was one of  the deadliest disasters

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Damage from the Asian Tsunami of 26 December 2004

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Staff Story: Remembering the Asian Tsunami

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Sermon for the Second Sunday after Epiphany

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An aerial view of an affected area after a tsunami hit Sunda strait at  Sumur village in Pandeglang, Banten province, Indonesia, Dec.25, in this  photo taken ...

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Aftershocks: 10th Anniversary of the Asian Tsunami

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G7 finance minister agree to freeze the debt repayments of nations hit by the  Asian tsunami

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The man who Filmed the Tsunami - Shocking footage of the Indonesian disaster
. The 2004 indian ocean tsunami pounded banda aceh city on indonesia’s sumatra island. after the. … damage from the asian tsunami of 26 december 2004 | by asian development bank. Ten years since the 2004 indian ocean tsunami. The 2004 indian ocean tsunami conspiracy: a nuclear trigger – The december 2004 indian ocean tsunami was one of the worst natural disasters in recorded history. Un …. The 2004 tsunami wiped away towns with ‘mind-boggling’ destruction. . . Ten years since the boxing day tsunami that hit south east asia in 2004. Indian ocean tsunami. A scene of devastation is seen in the 2004 tsunami hit indonesian city of banda aceh getty. A relative of a victim from the asian tsunami holds back her tears as she lays. The scene at marina beach in chennai, india on december 26, 2004, after. photos: images: 2004 asian tsunami. An aerial view of marina beach after a tsunami triggered by an earthquake in the indian ocean hit the area in the southern indian city of madras on december …. … damage from the asian tsunami of 26 december 2004 | by asian development bank. Indonesian soldiers prepare to wrap up a body in downtown banda aceh, indonesia on january. Thailand tsunami …. … damage from the asian tsunami of 26 december 2004 | by asian development bank. Adb’s response to the asian tsunami of december 2004 | asian development bank. 2004 indian ocean tsunami. . December 31, 2004 – scenes of destruction in the days after the asian tsunami struck pondicherry, india.. Indian woman mourns death of her relative killed in tsunami in cuddalore – world press photo. The asian tsunami 2004: the music that brought solace. Tsunami 2004 indonesia. 10th anniversary of the asian tsunami. The earthquake originated in the indian ocean just north of simeulue island, off the western coast of northern sumatra, indonesia. the resulting tsunami …. What caused the asian tsunami in 2004 elegant aanadjusters aanadjusters on pinterest of six best ways. The 2004 tsunami wiped away towns with ‘mind-boggling’ destruction – history. . Indian ocean tsunami propagation 26 december 2004. download [jpeg 2.8mb]. Mangrove restoration project in banda aceh, indonesia after the asian tsunami. Sunda strait tsunami: death toll rises to 43; 600 injured. Ten years since the asian tsunami that affected so many people in indonesia, the rehabilitation and reconstruction work has given fruit.. A boat pushed several kilometers inland by the asian tsunami… : news photo. Tsunami 2004 indonesia. Indonesia tsunami death toll tops 370, with dozens missing. . after the tsunami: rapid environmental assessment. national rapid environmental assessment – the maldives case study: groundwater contamination …. Ten years after the asian tsunami. By: professor james goff, director of australian tsunami research center and natural hazards research laboratory at university of new south wales.. Damage in the maldives caused by the asian tsunami, boxing day 2004. credit:. Local residents in banda aceh carry away the body of a dead relative the day after. photos: images: 2004 asian tsunami. (jan.. The tsunami destroyed many buildings. 1 / 22. Download high-res image …. Survivor recalls the devastating asian tsunami on boxing day 2004. A statue of buddha alone in area devasted by asian tsunami, galle road sri lanka jan.2005 ©mark shenley. . It is 10 years this boxing day since the asian tsunami devastated large areas of 14 different countries around the indian ocean, killing more than 280,000 …. . Impact of 2004 asian tsunami could have been reduced with mangroves. Image copyright afp/getty banda aceh in 2004 and 2014. Thai rescue services amongst the debris caused by the asian tsunami, khao lak, thailand. In brief. Tsunami · asia. . Asian tsunami death.jpg. volunteers pull a body from the wreckage in banda aceh, indonesia on january 10,. A decade after asian tsunami, new forests protect the coast. Dead fish are strewn across a beach in penang, a day after an earthquake-. photos: images: 2004 asian tsunami. Hundreds killed in indonesia quake-tsunami. asian age online. Huge tsunami could wipe out asia: man with ‘sixth sense’ predicts devastating earthquake. Tsunami 2004 aftermath. aceh, indonesia, 2005. photo: ausaid. Mangrove forests effectively shielded some coastal areas from the asian tsunami, while those areas without mangrove cover suffered immense damage.. Primary health care centre, sri lanka, five months after the asian tsunami photo:. View more gallery six best ways to sell what caused the asian tsunami in 2004. Rubbish and debris left behind after the tsunami had receded on phi phi island.. Crushed cars and other tsunami damage in a coastal village in aceh. crumpled cars and. Map showing the tectonic setting of the magnitude 9.0 earthquake that generated the tsunami.. … damage from the asian tsunami of 26 december 2004 | by asian development bank. Tsunami · asia. A woman offers prayers on a tiled memorial wall displaying names of victims from the asian. . Indonesia’s tsunami warning blamed as death toll reaches 1,200. In the days after the 2004 indian ocean tsunami devastated the coast of india’s tamil nadu. . . Before and after picture of banda ache. A megathrust quake caused the tsunami. photo: r. shivaji rao. December 26, 2004: indian ocean tsunami strikes asia, killing 230,000 | bt. The report considered all tsunamis …. Map showing the wave height of the 2004 indian ocean tsunami. . Before the tsunami. bnewstsunami9.jpg. Workers scour debris on phi-phi island following the asian tsunami of christmas 2004.. A father and his twin daughters visit the beach everyday to cherish the memory of their. Map showing areas affected by the 2004 indian ocean tsunami.. .